Advance Abuse Reduction

What if you didn’t spend needless energy focusing on holding on or dealing with nagging pain or numbness? How much more enjoyable would your ride be? 

With Flexx Handlebars you can find out. Flexx Handlebars absorb shock and vibration, isolating your body, allowing you to ride longer, with more control.

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Flexx Handlebar

The confidence inspiring Flexx Handlebar isolates your upper body from abuse, allowing you to ride longer and charge harder with more control by absorbing abuse and vibration in an unnoticeable manner.

Flexx Handlebars are precise in the steering path, yet forgiving near the load path of the suspension, yielding un compromised control and abuse reduction. Flexx Handlebars provide the feedback and feel of a traditional bar for proper control, while taking the edge off of the abuse. Since you do not have to steer through the abuse reduction mechanism control is not diminished.

“Flexx handlebars dampen the impact on harsh landings and make for a smooth day riding keeping you relaxed and in control when riding rough terrain.”

— Lorin Whitaker

Enduro E


2nd Place Shreddy Awards




On bumpy, rocky terrain Flexx Handlebars smoothed everything out.  At the end of any ride there is a huge difference in feeling from my hands, wrists, shoulders, neck, back.

– Ian Shockley, Owner Bike Fix Utah

Thanks Fasst Co!

I’m hitting obstacles with more speed and confidence, and getting more runs in every session. I haven’t been this comfortable in years,  I’m truly reliving my glory days and loving every run.

– Bernard Unhassobiscay, Former National racer and UCI World Downhill Masters Champ

Totally Sold

"I’m totally sold on this addition to my bike’s suspension. I also love that the Flexx Bars are made locally in Southern Utah.  Additional perk...custom laser engraving to make the bars your own!!”

– Angela Anderson, Women Ride Utah

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