Flexx MTB Handlebars

Like you, we’ve experienced all sorts of hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder discomfort nagging us throughout our rides. We’ve been there, furiously shaking out our hands and rubbing our palms to wake them up or stop the tingling. It was detrimental to our ride, not enjoyable, and in some cases down right dangerous when we could no longer hold on. With Flexx Handlebars the abuse and vibration are absorbed so you’re able to focus on what’s truly important, your ride. 

 Flexx Handlebars absorb shock and vibration, isolating your upper body from abuse, allowing you to ride longer and charge harder with more control.  Tunable to your preferences through different compression and rebound elastomers, you control how soft or stiff the bar is. What’s remarkable about Flexx Handlebars is what you don’t notice. By constricting abuse reduction near the same plane as the suspension, you won’t feel the bar moving. You will feel it working and complimenting the suspension, yielding increased confidence in the front end with less abuse to your upper body. 

 Flexx Handlebars are made in the USA, using carbon fiber, 7075 aluminum and titanium.  With the help of Rock West Composites our Uni Directional tubing has been optimized for strength and stiffness, to be sure all of the abuse is transfered to the aluminum pivot point.  Built from 7075, the pivot point is the back bone of our superior abuse reduction, providing rigidity to channel the abuse through the elastomers. Titanium 6Al-4v pivot pins and hardware mate the components together and retain the elastomers, completing the bar.